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Sunday, October 10, 2010

What is crime?

1) Conduct that is prohibited and has a specific punishment (as incarceration or fine) prescribed by public law

2) A crime is an act or omission that harms society and the individuals in it, for which a punishment has been determined by the law and is enforced by the state.



What are the factors Affecting Definition Of Crime and Criminal Behaviour?
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  1. Angela K well done. already joined the comp

  2. Hi Michael Atteya and others. I am a Year 12 student and am freaking out about the exams! any-one else feeling the same way??!!

  3. Thanks for the info Sir.

  4. Do we answer the question here or do we hand it in to you in class?

  5. You can answer it here or hand it in in class.. either way is OK


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